Are you a seeker who is overwhelmed by your relationships and responsibilities?

A bespoke body work session will show you how to bring a refreshing, and peaceful energy
back to your everyday life, replacing that overwhelm with balance and harmony.

Maybe you've been

feeling tired, grumpy, & emotionally burnt out

Energy healing supports and accelerates your body’s own natural ability to heal itself and facilitates communication with your Higher Self and/or Divine Source.One-hour energy healing sessions will help balance and harmonize your entire energy field, promoting a sense of overall well-being and encouraging your path toward physical health and personal growth.This will also help you develop a greater sense of your body’s condition and health needs.

Maybe You Wish

for more clarity around navigating stress & grief

Energy healing leads to a deep state of relaxation, which facilitates a release of stress and tension, while promoting self-love, trust, and balance, even in grief.One-hour healing sessions will invite you to let go of the thoughts, concepts, and attitudes that are no longer serving you and encouraging your path towards mental health and spiritual growth.This will also help you channel emotional energy into creativity and productivity.

wanna know a secret?

I used to be just like you

I used to call all my friends for advice about how to survive the non-stop commotion and business in this very fast-paced world. I was constantly looking for the best ways to find relief managing my marriage, my family and aging parents, and really, my life.The secret I discovered was that by slowing down and taking a close look at my fears, anxieties, sadnesses, lack of self-esteem and self love, I was able to help myself through these struggles and reach my own version of nirvana*.
*a state of perfect spiritual happiness

I'm Heather

I am an artist, a curator, and a student of the female body. After many years of curating education for museums, I left that world to find healing and balance in my life - and to share it with others.In addition to practicing and sharing ancient holistic spiritual and energy healing, I teach Pilates. My desire is to curate a holistic wellness plan in collaboration with you, so that you can find the harmony and balance I have.Email me today to set up your free consultation!

Over the past four years, I have achieved the following certifications:
• Ayurveda Practitioner
• Ayurveda Somatic Energy & Crystal Healer
• Usui Master Reiki
• Certified Pilates Instructor


• Tui Na Acupressure
• Akashic Record Reader
• Shamanic Reiki Healer


if just one session of ancient energy healing could start to turn everything around

Each energy session starts with setting intentions and getting clear on your goals for bringing more ease into your life. We'll cleanse the space with sacred sage, turn on some soothing music, and settle in with aromatherapy.I use my pendulum and crystals and take you into a guided meditation, where all the magic happens.After the session, we'll have a quick check in and discuss ways for you to continue this work at home.

After your free 30 minute consultation, pricing is as follows:
1 visit for $95
3 visit package for $265

Email to set up your free consultation today!

After just one session, I noticed my nerves were calmer. After repeat sessions, I found I am better able to keep my cool when dealing with difficult people or situations.


The way Heather held a container for me was powerful, playful, and purely magical. This session was transformational and many lessons were learned to take home to practice and teachings I will carry forward.


Heather’s in-depth knowledge of energy healing and her unique ability to bring to life the ancient practices of Ayurveda and reiki sets her apart from others. We laugh, we cry. And it's truly magical.



The path to nirvana starts here.

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Thank you

I look forward to helping you curate your own version of nirvana.You can always schedule your free initial consultation by emailing me, as well.

Click the button below to schedule your session.After your free 30 minute consultation, pricing is as follows:
1 visit for $95 ** $85.50**
3 visit package for $265 $212

The Holiday Season is here, and for many of us that means busier schedules, increased anxiety, reemerging grief, and overall greater overwhelm. What if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if there was a way to feel more joy and more peace, even as schedules and pressures increase?What if, in 2 hours, you could learn to touch into all the is magical and medicinal about this time of year?Chakras and Crystals are two healing modalities that help bring our mind, body, and souls into alignment. In this special holiday workshop, I will guide you through the ways they can help us create sacred rituals that reconnect us to our own inner magic and retune us to our own inner medicine.We’ll close with a meditation so you can immediately connect with these beautiful, ancient practices and use them to bring more joy and peace to your holidays.

Spots are limited. Venmo Heather $35 to reserve yours! Or email with any questions.